Monetizing Online

How consumers can earn money from their data

Sweeney is founder and CEO of Killi, which was originally incubated within the offline attribution company Freckle IoT, which he also founded.


Career Advice From 15 of the World’s Most Famous Founders

There are many routes to success in the business world, but learning from those who have gone before you and reached the top is always an opportunity you don’t want to miss.

Social Media

How DuckDuckGo (and Microsoft) benefit from Google’s sprawling advertising business

Its search volume has risen steadily over the years, and in October 2020 was up to nearly 60 million queries daily.

Digital Marketing

Be a digital marketing winner with these 3 powerful video storytelling strategies

In an increasingly digital world, video is becoming the new norm for visual storytelling. It’s no surprise, given that video is a highly visual and effective medium for communicating with a brand’s audience.

Jim Rohn

3 Ways to Face Your Fears With Courage

If you’ve been invited to address your national sales convention and are scared to death of public speaking, what should you do? You could decline the invitation, knowing full well that your fears are holding you ba

John Maxwell

Four Tests of Your Leadership

Maybe you’re tired of reading about it, or maybe you’re tired from having to live through it—either way, this is certainly a season that puts everyone to the test.

Life Coach

Charles Milander is a leading Expert in Technology and Social Media. He has been a Contributing Correspondent for CNN Expansion Mercado and Newspaper Listin Diario, TV Producer, Anchor and host for Univision Radio, Telemundo47, Color Vision. He Designs Software Architecture, Internet Technologies, Network marketing, Product Development.

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